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Please add more information how to apply in all stages for students. really in these days students lossing moral values form their parents, teachers and society. in is really danger stage for future.Paul Richard Kuehn more Paul grew up on a farm where moral virtues such as hard work and honesty were cherished.We are a generation that wallows in immorality and perversion in the name of freedom of expression and choice.

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Right now, I am teaching grade six and I try to model these teachings, as well as talk to them about doing right and wrong, on a regylar basis.

Whatever the case it seems that the people want more moral teaching for their children.This idea is based on the belief that moral principles differ across cultures.The shoe manufacturer will first exchange shoes that he has produced for money, and then exchange the money for wheat.When I was on the football team, I remember losing a tough game due to what the coach and team thought was the referees not awarding us a touchdown when we thought we had crossed the goal line.These bad examples range from sexual promiscuity, degrading of women, advocacy of violence, and the condoning of dishonesty in order to succeed.

So naturally parents objected and school stopped that thing all together.Moral values are totally integrated in all the other classes taught plus it reinforces the teachings and values from what our parents taught us at home.If life is so important, the values of life are even more important.The first step in deciding whether to teach moral values or only academic subjects is to define what moral values are and how it might help in the academics of the school.Actually, a good teacher should be able to point out a moral values lesson in each class he or she teaches.If life is so important, the values of life are even more important.Values are guiding principles, or standards of behaviour which are regarded desirable, important and held in high esteem by a particular society in which a person lives.

In many of these transactions, goods are being bought and sold with the use of money.It went good for few months then he started to use this lecture for trying to convert people in to Christianity.Many neighborhoods are also the home of very old trees that serve as historic landmarks and a great source of town pride.The other crucial issue of credit is its availability to all, especially the poor, and on reasonable terms.

At this stage the purpose is to allow students to realise the social situation in which these forms were used.I would like society to be a lot more compassionate than it is.

In the support of this claim let me take u 1500 years back, before Islam illuminated the minds of the people, what were Arabs doing at that time.The words "moral" and "ethics" (and cognates) are often used interchangeably. Comes out of the criticism that all other moral theories are 'masculine'...They are what we hope to model for our children and the children around us, because children do watch us as they develop their own sense of right and wrong.If moral values were taught in schools, we would have fewer of these problems.In my mind the best value that should be imbibed by all is compassion.Poverty, both material and spiritual, does not let opportunity to free our minds and look beyond material comforts to see moral values, the true values leading to happiness.

Will follow the Chinese philosophy references you mentioned with respect to intrinsic morals.

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The history of money and how various forms were used at different times is an interesting story.Charities Fundraising For Charity and Helping Others - Ideas For Schools by Linda Crampton 25.Trees increase our quality of life by bringing natural elements and wildlife habitats into urban settings.With the excuse of being politically correct, it seems like we have removed any kind of morals training from public schools.

Why Teach Moral Values When most persons talk about a school curriculum, they think about math, science, social studies, and language courses.I doubt deeply that it will be possible, in fact for each of us happiness is something personal, something each of wants most and what to a greater degree satisfies his basic needs.In a world such as ours, where moral and ethical values are disappearing at an alarming rate from the social consciousness, it is absolutely necessary for such teachings to be added to the general, mandatory curriculum.Some have the same values, some may place more of a value on one thing than another.We gather under the cool shade they provide during outdoor activities with family and friends.Unless one becomes a math teacher, how many people will remember the quadratic equation learned in algebra.The content attribute stresses that a particular code of conduct is important.Other people may think that moral decline is stimulated by immoral leaders.

Another problem is that young students have mostly bad role models and not enough good role models to teach them the value of moral virtues.Sometimes teachers focus too much on just making students behave in the classroom, and not enough about general moral lessons.The Role of Culture in Moral Development. norms and to apprehend and affirm moral values that diverge.The primary goals of education should be enabling students to gain knowledge and moral values.To achieve a common goal, it is necessary for all people to work together.