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Many of the drugs used to treat human illnesses are also used in animal problems.A four lettered word that means so much to anyone that reads it.

Animal Factory author David Kirby talks to TIME about the perils of large-scale industrial farming.These are things I can ask since you have provided no specific sourcing for this fact and I do not feel like reading through all of your some nine odd bias sources to find this one line, please in text citate. -- Cheap food: You cite a difference of a mere 40 pence, or around a dollar for my American readers, but once again provide no source for this information.

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We recoil at the abuse of hens in all systems, including cage-free and colony cage conditions.Farming has been drastically altered in the U.S. over the last 25 years.

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This will put a hefty dent in the pockets of many Americans who rely on cheap food.

Also many of cons arguments where sourced, therefore pro was more convincing. counter vote bomb politics grammar point. has no explanation and both had good grammar. tell why his grammar was better then I take away the point to pro.In the United States, roughly nine billion chickens, pigs and other farm animals are consumed annually, and the vast majority of them are abused in ways that would warrant felony cruelty to animals charges were dogs or cats the victims.

Free research proposal paper sample on Factory Farming topics.The only restaurant chain to promise to ban them from their supply chain is Burger King (by 2017).Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

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Rolling Stone takes you inside the dark underbelly of factory farming in the meat industry.I think Factory Farms should be reformed, and other methods enacted.It is also a way to provide food at lower costs to consumers. (Pg1 of 4) Why do we do it.It is an analytical essay from earlier this year that i did for yeah 8 English.

This type of farming is particularly known to the public by the battery farming of chickens.Factory farming: A moral issue. Peter. In the following essay, he briefly exposes the conditions that animals are raised in factory farms as well as presenting the.When you first look at it organic farming seems to represent a clear.Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more.

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Battery cages are so small that not one hen can extend her wings, and yet there are three or more in each cage.There are roughly 4.5 million mother pigs and fewer than 500,000 calves in crates, and approximately 250 million hens in battery cages.Factory farming is a modern agricultural practice that mass produce animals to meet the.

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In response to the Pro banning of factory farming, I have been working on a research paper for school discussing the pros and cons for factory farming, and there are many sources out there, other than PETA, that have supporting evidence for your claims against factory farming.

In addition, this production is less dependent on weather conditions and reduces significantly the risks related to the germs transmitted by food, such as salmonella.Learn how industrial crop production degrades the environment and impairs human health.Please in-cite source this round so we can actually check on your outlandish claims.These are ridiculously high prices and would lead to an economic down turn.In response to your first paragraph: 1) PETA is clearly a biased source and is known for radical and fabricated claims, if you could provide a neutral source such as a news article or report I will take this claim as true.

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Just for the sakes of human stomachs, billions of animals yearly endure tortures before being slaughtered.Intensive or factory farming of livestock is characterised by a large number of the same species of animal.