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The point where the tangent touches the circle is the point of tangency.This subreddit is for help, pushes in the right direction, not answers.

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The three theorems for the intercepted arcs to the angle of two tangents, two secants or 1 tangent and 1 secant are summarized by the pictures below.Get online tutoring and college homework help for Trigonometry.

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Tangent Homework Help Help W Assignments, Tangent Homework Help, Research Paper On Computer Programming Tangent Homework Help.By the type homework trig help of progression has a couple for some useful techniques you can be used as copulas in English may not need to reveal the names youve chosen.You basically have to proof that the chord AB (Green line) has the same slope as the tangent at D (Blue line) using arbitrary points for A and B on the parabola.